Lotus Revelation – Spiritual and Materialistic treasure.

Lotus is the National flower of Vietnam. It represents the quest for enterprise, promotion and development of the Vietnamese people. In the old days, Lotus is the“gentleman flower”- sprouts clean from muddy soil. Scripts from Buddhism equates this flower to an immaculate human body, language, mind and soul; its slender stalk, beautiful and pure from the outlook yet its underwater roots, bulbs and seeds with high nutritional values, can all be consumed.

Lotus. Vietnam House – upholding the spiritual and materialistic values of the Lotus; plus an enthusiastic attitude, a series of tasty Vietnamese dishes with Lotus as the main theme aiming at both healthy body and appearance has been mooted; creativity merged with traditional culinary delights helps our customers to select authentic Vietnamese snacks and supple noodles. Vietnamese food lovers will not be disappointed.

Lotus. The modern design and décor of Vietnam House supports a comfy and elegant dinning atmosphere; the 90-seat area is suitable for buddies get together to savor fine wine and food in this ideal place. Exclusive private functions, be it company occasion or individual birthday; our professional team is here to serve from party snacks to buffet dinners. Audio equipment and internet service is also available. Additionally, off site catering service can be arranged. Please approach our Manager for more information.

The Lotus
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